Grade: 3, 4, 5 - Data and Information 2

Develop a simple understanding of an algorithm (e.g., search, sequence of events, or sorting) using computer-free exercises.

I Can Statements Academic Vocabulary
* I can create algorithms using computer free activities.
* I can follow an algorithm in computer free activities.


Looking Back Looking Ahead
* Use technology resources to solve age-appropriate problems and communicate thoughts, ideas, or stories in a step-by-step manner. (K-2.DI.1)

* Understand how to arrange (sort) information into useful order, such as sorting students by birth date, without using a computer. (K-2.DI.2)

* Use the basic steps in algorithmic problem-solving to design solutions (e.g., problem statement and exploration, examination of sample instances, design, implementing a solution, testing, and evaluation). (6-8.DI.1)