Posted: Fri, 07/08/2016 - 12:18pm Updated: Mon, 05/10/2021 - 1:24pm

According to IC 20-32-9-4(b), the Indiana Department of Education must identify schools to be placed on notice as a school with high graduation waiver rates based on the criteria developed by the Indiana State Board of Education, in consultation with the Indiana Department of Education, pursuant to IC 20-32-9-4(a).
After being identified by the Department, the Indiana State Board of Education must put the school and school corporation on notice that the school has exceeded the number of graduation waivers under the criteria established, pursuant to IC 20-32-9-4(a).
As a result of this identification, the school corporation must comply with the requirements of
IC 20-32-9-4 outlined below:

  • First Year - IC 20-32-9-4(c): The first year a school is identified, upon receiving notice, the school corporation, on behalf of the school, is required to develop and submit a school wide remediation plan to the Indiana Department of Education.
  • Second & Subsequent Years - IC 20-32-9-4(d): If the school is identified in the second or a subsequent year after the initial identification, upon receiving notice, the school is required to collaborate with the IDOE to develop and implement a revised school wide remediation plan. 

All remediation plans will be submitted online via Moodle. Please go to to create an account, enroll in the Schoolwide Remediation course, and submit a plan.  See the directions posted below for help with Moodle.

*Remediation plans must include areas of focus and research based strategies/interventions to address the deficits discovered by the school or district. As part of the plan, schools must be explicit in the data they are using to identify the areas of concern and particular student subgroups that will be impacted.

**Remediation plans must be reevaluated quarterly as part of a continuous improvement cycle. The purpose of this new requirement on schools is intended to be supportive, collaborative, and on-going.

Below are sample tools, templates and links to resources that schools may utilize as they develop their remediation plans.

Tools and Resources