Posted: Mon, 02/27/2012 - 3:29pm Updated: Fri, 10/11/2019 - 2:00pm

Indicator 5 LRE- Monitoring & Technical Assistance

Increasing Inclusive Practices for Academic & Behavior Support

Indicator 5 Defined:

The U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) per IDEA 2004 requires that states monitor the implementation of the Least Restrictive Environment requirement of IDEA and report the overall proportion of students educated in a number of educational placement categories from each LEA compared to state targets of these placement categories.


The Purpose:

It is Designed to Ensure State Targets (Indicator 5 Reporting to the OSEP) are Met

  • LRE is now an indicator that is included in the Results Driven Accountability Determinations yearly. Technical Assistance and data reports for this indicator will continue to be run and created collaboratively with the Indiana IEP Resource Center.
  • Instead of  IDOE monitoring this based on a cycle of rotation, the monitoring is completed for all LEAs and TA provided based on the potential for impact toward aggregate statewide data and level of need.
  • All LEAs can request a copy of reports of their current LRE practices as identified through the data analysis process, regardless of identification for TA or meeting targets.
  • The goal of providing TA toward those most in need as well as Universal TA aligns to the current Results Driven Accountability focus.
  • Additionally, the LRE targets become more rigorous each year, requiring a commitment for all LEAs to continue to increase efforts to provide supports to students in inclusive settings.

It is Required:

  • IDOE is required to identify and offer Technical Assistance to Local Education Agencies and schools in order to provide the supports necessary to improve results and performance within this indicator.
  • It is Proactive & Not Punitive
  • It is critical to understand that identification for targeted or focused TA is not punitive.
  • This is a process that is meant to provide support and build capacity in LEAs that have needs in this area.
  • Other TA opportunities will be coordinated to those LEAs that may be closer to or already meeting state targets for LRE.
  • Universal support will be accessible to any interested LEA.

It Supports the Priorities & Mission of the IDOE & the Office of Special Education (State & Nationally)

The Office of Special Education has an overall goal of improving outcomes for all students, including those with disabilities which can be accomplished through a system that ensures equity and access. This system of equity and access must be accompanied by a shared responsibility for holding students to high expectations with shared accountability for the outcomes produced. Sharing the responsibility and accountability for improving outcomes requires collaboration among educators and parents which results in high quality instruction that meets the diverse needs of all learners. The instruction, driven by ongoing, unbiased and meaningful assessment is delivered within a quality core curriculum based on grade level academic standards.

It is a Shared Responsibility

A shared responsibility around these expectations as identified in the Dear Colleague Letter, requires this to be the work of more than just the Local Education Agency’s Office of Special Education, and Special Education staff.

  • Leveraging TA Opportunities to its full capacity has the potential to impact LEA’s performance in many areas beyond LRE results, including closing student achievement gaps, reducing discipline issues and preventing or reducing issues of disproportionality adding to the expectation that this is shared work across general and special education.
  • Collaboration with Stakeholders including but not limited to the following members of the LEA should be involved in the LRE TA Process, especially for LEAs that have been identified for Targeted or Focused TA supports.
    • Central Office Staff (Curriculum, Administrative, Office of Special Education)
    • Building Level Administrators
    • General Education Teachers (including representatives from K-12)
    • Special Education Teachers
    • Related Service Providers
    • Family Members
    • Community Stakeholders

TA Partners:

  • The Indiana Department of Education, Office of Special Education has partnered with the Indiana IEP Resource Center to provide Technical Assistance in the form of data analysis, root cause analysis, action planning, professional development, coaching and universal training resources to LEAs.
    • Link to the LRE TA Tab on the Indiana IEPRC Website Here!
  • Based on needs of the LEAs, the Indiana IEP Resource Center will collaborate with Partners from the other Indiana Resource Network Providers (i.e. Project SUCCESS, PATINS, Center for Teacher Quality)

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