Posted: Fri, 09/23/2011 - 3:04pm Updated: Mon, 03/18/2019 - 3:40pm

Continuous Improvement Focused Monitoring System and General Supervision

The Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act of 2004 (IDEA) requires every state to have a general supervision system in place that monitors the implementation of IDEA. The system must enforce state and federal requirements and ensure positive outcomes for students with disabilities. Through this system, states must monitor the status of local education agencies (LEAs) on 17 Results and Compliance Indicators, including graduation and dropout rates, assessments, disproportionality, least restrictive environment (LRE), parent involvement, evaluation timelines, postsecondary transition, postsecondary results, correction of noncompliance and the submission of timely and accurate data. The Office of Special Education is responsible for this general supervision.

Each LEA is on a Yearly Rotation for monitoring LRE, Fiscal Audits, and Procedural Audits.

Information and Guidance on each Indicator as well as related monitoring information may be found on the Monitoring Guidance page.

Findings of Noncompliance

The IDOE issues LEAs Findings of Noncompliance for Compliance Indicators 4, 9, 10, 11, 12, and/or 13. LEAs are required to correct the identified noncompliance as soon as possible but in no case greater that one year. LEAs are notified of any noncompliance annually. Letters notifying LEAs of Status of Compliance are sent out in the fall of each year. (If you are looking for information on a particular LEA, use the "Find" feature in your PDF reader and search by corporation number.)

Results Driven Accountability and Differentiated Support

  • Annual determination of State performance based on APR for FFY 2012 - Letter from OSEP

Local Determinations

IDEA 2004 requires states to make annual determinations on the performance of each LEA in implementing the requirements and purposes of the IDEA 2004, with regard to the provision of special education and related services. Determinations are a way of designating the status of local districts into one of four categories, as outlined in 34 CFR§ 300.600.

Once Local Determinations have been calculated, LEAs are notified of their Local Determination score and status.

Federal Reporting

IDEA 2004 requires each state to develop a State Performance Plan (SPP) outlining the State’s monitoring of each of the 17 federal indicators, referenced above, as well as Indiana’s plan for improving the statewide performance of each indicator. The SPP is updated each year in February to include any changes to Indiana’s procedures and practices.

As a companion to the SPP, IDEA 2004 requires each state to submit an Annual Performance Report (APR) on the processes and results outlined in the SPP. The APR is submitted to the federal government on February 1 of each year and includes Indiana’s statewide performance on each Indicator for the subsequent school year. The report also includes an update on the progress of the programs outlined in the SPP.

Other Public Reporting

In addition to updating its SPP and submitting its APR in February each year, each state is also required to publicly post other data and information throughout the year.