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Original air date: 09/12/2013



Introduction to Public School Special Education Referral Process

Description: This module introduces the public school special education system as a resource for families when they have concerns about their preschool aged child’s development. A brief overview is given of the federal and state laws that govern special education. Each of the remaining modules will review how one family learns about what is entailed in each step in the school process from referral, to evaluation, to evaluation report, to case conference and eligibility determination.


Module 2: What to Expect in a Preschool Intake Meeting

Description: Although each school district processes preschool referrals differently, this module provides a look at one school’s inclusion of an intake meeting with a parent as part of the referral process.


Module 3: Parent Rights and Procedural Safeguards

Description: This module outlines the highlights of what parents rights include for each step of the referral process.


Module 4: What to Expect in a Preschool Evaluation

Description: This module defines what takes place in an evaluation of a young child – where it may occur, who is involved and expectations for the child and family.


Module 5: What to Expect in an Evaluation Report

Description: This module describes what the evaluation team includes in the evaluation report after observing and assessing the child’s developmental and academic skills.


Module 6: What to Expect in an Initial Case Conference Meeting and Eligibility Determination

Description: This module describes who is part of the case conference committee, how eligibility is determined, and reviews how services are outlined in the writing of the Individual Education Program (IEP).


Module 7: How to Prepare Your Child for a School Evaluation

Description: This module describes how this school district suggests preparing a child to participate in the evaluation. In addition, the family learns about the next steps after the intake meeting and consents are presented for signature so the school may proceed with the process.


Module 8: Conclusion

Description: This module summarizes the purpose and value of early childhood special education services for future school success.


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