Indiana Department of Education
South Tower, Suite 600
115 W. Washington Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204-3420
(317) 232-6610

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Name Position Office Email Phone
A1-IDOE, Receptionist Call Me With Questions IDOE (317) 232-6610
Althardt, John Communications Specialist Communications (317) 232-0536‬
Ambre, Melissa Director of School Finance Finance (317) 232-0841
Austin, Tina Director of Accounting Finance (317) 232-0569
Bachner, Fern Child and Adult Care Food Program Field Specialist Nutrition (317) 771-9187
Bailey, Dr. Jason Senior Specialist of Workforce and Digital Learning eLearning (317) 232-9182
Baker, Adam Press Secretary Communications (317) 232-0550
Balko, Stephen Director of School Building Security Safety (317) 232-4914‬
Baratta, Renee Educator Preparation Program & P12 Partnership Specialist EPPs (317) 234-0218
Barbee, Lela LAN Administrator Intermediate IT (317) 232-0808
Bauder, Kelly Staff Attorney Legal (317) 232-6646
Beard, Valerie Assistant Director of English Learners and Special Populations ELME (317) 232-0558
Beck, Phil Budget Analyst Finance (317) 232-0511
Berger, Christy Assistant Director of Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Wellness SEBW (317) 234-1242
Bernlohr, Andrew General Counsel Superintendent (317) 233-0013
Berry, Tarrell School Improvement Specialist School Improvement (317) 232-0515
Bharamareddi, Shiva Senior Data Architect IT (317) 232-0808
Blossom, Melissa Assistant Director of School Improvement School Improvement (317) 234-6849
Bogan, Scott Director of Higher Education and Ed. Prep. Programs EPPs (317) 232-9178
Bohlen, Lacey Title IV Grants Specialist Grants (317) 233-5435‬
Bracale, Jolene Student Health Services Specialist Safety (317) 232-0541
Brewer, Tyler Nutrition Support Specialist Nutrition (317) 234-4528
Brown, Mike Director of Legislative Affairs Superintendent (317) 232-6617
Brown, Tracy Chief Financial Officer Superintendent (317) 232-6974
Brown, Joe Developer IT (317) 232-0808
Brown, Evelyn Fiscal Specialist Specialed (317) 232-6986‬
Bruning, Emily Elementary Math & Science Specialist School Improvement (317) 232-9142
Brunner, Tracy Part B Grants and Medicaid Specialist Specialed (317) 232-6988
Busk, Erin 21st CCLC Grant Specialist 21stCCLC (317) 232-6618
Caito-Sipe, Allie School Nutrition Senior Specialist Nutrition (317) 232-0849