Indiana Department of Education
South Tower, Suite 600
115 W. Washington Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204-3420
(317) 232-6610

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Name Position Office Email Phone
Roth, Kathryn Senior Choice Specialist Finance (317) 234-5603
Rush, Sarah School Improvement Specialist School Improvement (317) 233-9589
Ryan, David Choice Specialist Finance (317) 233-2200
Schabel, Maggie Child Nutrition Program Specialist Nutrition (317) 232-2130
Schneider, Georgina English Learner Specialist ELME (317) 234-7785
Scott, Kaitlin School Improvement Intern School Improvement (000) 000-0000
Shannonhouse, Edward Senior Developer IT (317) 232-0808
Sievers-Coffer, Kristan Senior Special Education Specialist Specialed (317) 232-0580
Skinner, Tina Summer Food Services Program Specialist Nutrition (317) 232-0858
Smith, Linda Food Distribution Specialist Nutrition (317) 232-0859
Smithers, Nicole Assessment Communications Specialist Assessment (317) 234-5667
Snell, Sharmela Resource Management Specialist Nutrition ‭(317) 232-6697‬
Snelling, Selina Support Specialist of Data Reporting IT (317) 234-6522‬
Snyder, Laura Payroll/Travel Sr. Specialist Finance (317) 232-0513
Stachler, Holly Chief Communications Strategist Superintendent (317) 232-6615
Stephens, Jason Support Specialist of Data Reporting IT (317) 232-0808
Stephens, Tricia Assessment Specialist (Test Security and Contracts) Assessment (317) 234-6817
Stewart, Ryan Senior School Safety Specialist Safety (317) 234-1362
Stewart, Kimb Alternative Education Specialist School Improvement (317) 232-0957
Stinson, Heather Senior Nutrition Specialist Nutrition (317) 232-0869
Sutton, Julie School and Community Nutrition Director Nutrition (317) 232-0845
Tetrick, Traci Complaint Investigator/Virtual Learning Specialist Specialed (317) 232-9062
Thompson, Erin Assessment Content Specialist (H.S. English/Language Arts) Assessment (317) 234-5599
Thompson, Stephanie Assessment Specialist (Alternate Assessment) Assessment (317) 234-2377
Thompson, Jennifer Assistant Director of Special Education - Fiscal Specialed (317) 234-1002
Tomasino, Jessica Special Education Specialist Specialed (317) 233-5974
Tomishima, Rose Elementary ELA and Literacy Specialist Literacy (317) 232-0863
Trice, Sholonda Assistant Director of Assessment Assessment (317) 232-0547
Truitt, Lisa Social, Emotional, and Behaviorial Wellness Specialist - State Attendance Officer SEBW (317) 233-6016
Tubbs, Michelle Assistant Director of Data Reporting IT (317) 234-6791