Indiana Department of Education
South Tower, Suite 600
115 W. Washington Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204-3420
(317) 232-6610

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Name Position Officesort descending Email Phone
Ress-Henry, Jennifer School Nutrition Field Specialist Nutrition (317) 771-9190
Stinson, Heather Senior Nutrition Specialist Nutrition (317) 232-0869
Pentzer, Gretchen School Nutrition Field Specialist Nutrition (317) 232-0875
Schreiber, Kellen School Safety Intern Safety ‭(317) 232-2340
Bracale, Jolene Student Health Services Specialist Safety (317) 232-0541
Stewart, Ryan Senior School Safety Specialist Safety (317) 234-1362
Balko, Stephen Director of School Building Security Safety (317) 232-4914‬
LaRocco, Michael Director of School Transportation Transportation (317) 232-0891
White, Reggie Transportation Training Specialist Transportation (317) 234-7215
Callihan, Lisa Training & Support Specialist Transportation (317) 232-1377‬
Jordan, Felecia Assessment Specialist – Early Childhood Assessment (317) 232-9038
Connelly, Kelly Senior Assessment Specialist (ILEARN) Assessment (317) 233-5191
Davies, Karen Assessment Specialist Assessment (317) 232-2079‬
Stephens, Tricia Assessment Specialist (Test Security and Contracts) Assessment (317) 234-6817
Trice, Sholonda Assistant Director of Assessment Assessment (317) 232-0547
Mocas, Justin Assessment Content Specialist (Elementary ELA Mathematics) Assessment (317) 234-5595
David, Dr. Kristine Assistant Director of Assessment Assessment (317) 232-9166
Woo, Jennifer Assessment Specialist (Technology) Assessment (317) 234-4231
Thompson, Erin Assessment Content Specialist (H.S. English/Language Arts) Assessment (317) 234-5599
Flores, Dr. Charity Director of Assessment Assessment (317) 232-9051
Jones, Andrew Senior Assessment Specialist (H.S. Mathematics) Assessment (317) 234-5598
O'Malley, Mark NAEP Specialist (IREAD-3) Assessment (317) 234-5276
Richardson, Dr. Tobin Assessment Technology Specialist Assessment (317) 233-7671
Martin, Timothy Assessment Content Specialist (Science and Social Studies) Assessment (317) 234-1333
Ealy, Jonisha Assessment Support Specialist Assessment (317) 234-5585
Williams, Mary Assessment Specialist (IREAD-3 and Formative) Assessment (317) 234-5602
Smithers, Nicole Assessment Communications Specialist Assessment (317) 234-5667
Thompson, Stephanie Assessment Specialist (Alternate Assessment) Assessment (317) 234-2377
Wittman, Kelly Chief of Staff Superintendent (317) 234-4703
Brown, Mike Director of Legislative Affairs Superintendent (317) 232-6617