Posted: Mon, 03/19/2012 - 11:34am Updated: Tue, 07/03/2018 - 11:34am

In November 2011, the State Board of Education passed graduation requirements that affect incoming freshman beginning in 2012-2013, including requirements for quantitative reasoning (applied mathematics) courses.

  • For the Core 40, Academic Honors (AHD), and Technical Honors (THD) diplomas, students must take a mathematics course or a quantitative reasoning (applied mathematics) course each year they are enrolled in high school. 511 IAC 6-7.1-6 (a) (4)
  • For the General Diploma, students must earn two credits in a mathematics course or a quantitative reasoning (applied mathematics) course during their junior or senior year. 511 IAC 6-7.1-4 (c) (4)
  • A quantitative reasoning (applied mathematics) course is a high school course that "advances a student's ability to apply mathematics in real world situations and contexts" and that "deepens a student's understanding of high school mathematics standards."
  • The Indiana Department of Education will provide an annual review to determine the high school courses that meet these criteria.
  • The tables below provide a list of courses that have been determined to meet the criteria for quantitative reasoning (applied mathematics) courses for 2013-2014, 2014-2015, 2015-2016 and 2016-2017.

Advanced Placement

Title/Description Course Number
AP Biology 3020
AP Chemistry 3060
AP Computer Science A 4570
AP Environmental Science 3012
AP Macroeconomics 1564
AP Microeconomics 1566
AP Physics B (title expired in 2014-2015; title changes to AP Physics 1: Algebra-Based in 2015-2016) 3080
AP Physics 1: Algebra-Based (title replaces AP Physics B in 2015-2016) 3080
AP Physics 2: Algebra-Based (new in 2015-2016) 3081
AP Physics C 3088


Title/Description Course Number
Advanced Life Science, Animals 5070
Advanced Life Science, Foods 5072
Agribusiness Management 5002
Landscape Management 5136

Business, Marketing, and Information Technology

Title/Description Course Number
Accounting (this course expired in 2014-2015; Introduction to Accounting may be counted as quantitative reasoning in 2015-2016 if students are enrolled in this course to meet quantitative reasoning requirement but it does not fulfill quantitative reasoning requirement beginning in 2016-2017) 4524
Advanced Accounting (new in 2015-2016) 4522
Banking and Investment Careers in 2015-2016, Banking and Investment Capstone in 2016-2017 (new course title; replaces Financial Services, which expired in 2014-2015) 5258
Business Math 4512
Computer Programming I (title expires in 2015-2016, changes to Computer Science I in 2016-2017) 4634
Computer Programming II (title expires in 2015-2016, changes to Computer Science II: Programming in 2016-1017) 5236
Computer Science I (new title in 2016-2017; replaces Computer Programming I) 4801
Computer Science II: Databases (new course in 2015-2016) 5250
Computer Science II: Informatics (new course in 2015-2016) 5251
Computer Science II: Programming (new title in 2015-2016; replaces Computer Programming II) 5236
Financial Services (title expired in 2014-2015; title changes to Banking and Investment Careers in 2015-2016, Banking and Investment Capstone in 2016-2017) 5258
Global Economics 4558
Personal Financial Responsibility 4540

Engineering and Technology

Aerospace Engineering 4816 5518
Civil Engineering and Architecture  4820 5650
Computer Integrated Manufacturing 4810 5534
Digital Electronics 4826 5538
Engineering Design and Development 4828 5698
Principles of Engineering 4814 5644

Family and Consumer Sciences

Title/Description Course Number
Advanced Life Science: Foods 5072
Biochemistry of Food (new course title in 2016-2017) 5344
Consumer Economics 5334
Personal Financial Responsibility 4540

International Baccalaureate

Title/Description Course Number
IB Chemistry Higher Level  3070
IB Chemistry Standard Level 3072
IB Computer Science Higher Level 4584
IB Computer Science Standard Level 4586
IB Economics Higher Level 1580
IB Economics Standard Level 1582
IB Physics Higher Level 3096
IB Physics Standard Level 3098


Title/Description Course Number
Chemistry I 3064
Chemistry II 3066
Integrated Chemistry-Physics 3108
Physics I 3084
Physics II 3086

Social Studies

Title/Description Course Number
Economics 1514

Trade and Industrial

Title/Description Course Number
Advanced Manufacturing II 5606
Architectural Drafting and Design II 5652
Automation and Robotics II (added in 2015-2016; title expires in 2015-2016) 5612
Aviation Maintenance 5520
Construction Technology: Electrical II 4832
Construction Technology: HVAC II 5498
Construction Trades II (added in 2015-2016) 5578
Diesel Services II (added in 2015-2016) 5624
Electronics and Computer Technology II 5694
Industrial Automation and Robotics II (new title in 2016-2017) 5612
Industrial Repair and Maintenance II (added in 2015-2016; title expires in 2015-2016) 5688
Industrial Technical Maintenance II (new title in 2016-2017) 5688
Mechanical Drafting and Design II 4838
Precision Machining I 5782
Precision Machining II 5784