Posted: Thu, 06/12/2014 - 8:26am Updated: Tue, 03/13/2018 - 12:15pm
Indiana Academic Standards - CTE: Business, Marketing, Information Technology & Entrepreneurship
Elementary Subjects Date Updated Download PDF File
K-2 Computer Science 05/19/16 Webpage
3-5 Computer Science 05/19/16 Webpage
Middle Subjects Date Updated Download PDF File
6-8 Computer Science 05/19/16 Webpage
Digital Citizenship 08/02/16 PDF
Exploring College & Careers 08/04/14 PDF
Middle School Business & Information Technology 10/07/14 PDF
High School Course Titles Date Updated Download PDF File
Administrative and Office Management  01/04/16 PDF
Advanced Accounting 01/04/16 PDF
Banking and Investment Capstone 01/04/16 PDF
Business Law and Ethics 09/27/16 PDF
Business Math 09/27/16 PDF
Computer Illustration and Graphics 09/26/16 PDF
Computer Science I 03/14/17 PDF
Computer Science II: Databases 09/22/16 PDF
Computer Science II: Informatics 01/04/16 PDF
Computer Science II: Programming 01/04/16 PDF
Computer Science II: Special Topics 01/04/16 PDF
Computer Tech Support 01/04/16 PDF
Digital Application and Responsibility 01/04/16 PDF
Entrepreneurship and New Ventures Capstone 07/26/2017 PDF
Global Economics 01/04/16 PDF
Interactive Media 01/04/16 PDF
Introduction to Accounting 07/18/16 PDF
Introduction to Business 09/27/16 PDF
Introduction to Computer Science 01/04/16 PDF
Introduction to Entrepreneurship 09/27/16 PDF
Marketing in Hospitality and Tourism 01/04/16 PDF
Merchandising 01/04/16 PDF
Networking I 01/04/16 PDF
Networking II: Infrastructure 01/04/16 PDF
Networking II: Servers and Security 01/04/16 PDF
Personal Financial Responsibility 08/09/16 PDF
Preparing for College and Careers 01/04/16 PDF
Principles of Business Management 01/04/16 PDF
Principles of Marketing 09/27/16 PDF
Radio and Television I 01/04/16 PDF
Radio and Television II 01/04/16 PDF
Sports and Entertainment Marketing 01/04/16 PDF
Strategic Marketing 09/27/16 PDF
Technical/Business Communication 01/04/16 PDF
Web Design 01/04/16 PDF
Work Based Learning 01/04/16 Webpage


Indiana Content Area Literacy Standards
Title Updated Download
Science/Technical Studies Content Area Literacy 08/30/2017 PDF