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Global Learning and World Languages



Indiana Academic Standards for World Languages

World Languages and International Education
Title Updated
American Sign Language K-12 2013 - Pending 03/26/2015 PDF
American Sign Language - Secondary 2019 04/17/2019 PDF
East Asian Languages 2019 04/17/2019 PDF
Classical-Modern Languages 2019 04/17/2019 PDF
Heritage Language Learners - Pending 08/22/2014 Excel
Workplace Spanish Standards 05/01/2018 PDF
Content Area Literacy Standards Grades 6-12 08/28/2017 PDF

World Language Educators on the Learning Connection

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Professional Development & Resources

Teachers’ Toolboxes
Theme Publish Date Download
Personal Professional Development and Advocacy May 2017 PDF
Teaching the Communities Standard April 2017 PDF
Presentational Mode - Writing March 2017 PDF
Presentational Mode - Speaking February 2017 PDF
Interpersonal Mode – Speaking January 2017 PDF
Interpersonal Mode - Writing December 2016 PDF
Interpretive Mode-Listening and Viewing November 2016 PDF
Reading in the WL Classroom October 2016 PDF
Teacher Evaluation September 2016 PDF
90% Target Language August 2016 PDF
Travel Opportunities June-July 2016 PDF
Summer Prep May 2016 PDF
Authentic Audiences April 2016 PDF
Path to Proficiency  March 2016 PDF
Introduction February 2016 PDF

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World Language Resources

Professional Organizations – World Languages

Professional Organizations – Language-specific

Previous Indiana Academic Standards for World Languages

World Languages and International Education
Title Updated Download
Introduction and Overview 2013 03/10/2014 PDF
American Sign Language High Level 2013 03/26/2015 PDF
East Asian Languages 2013 03/18/2014 PDF
Modern European and Classical 2013 03/18/2014 PDF