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The third objective is Foster Early STEM Career Exposure. Students need to experience and understand STEM careers. Through this objective, 100% of Indiana K-12 schools will create and sustain robust STEM-related business and industry partnerships. These partnerships will inform curriculum, instruction, and student experiences to foster college- and career-readiness. This list includes many resources for career exploration. Note: Descriptions for each resource listed below are derived from their respective website.


FabFems: The FabFems directory is an international database of women in STEM professions who are inspiring role models for young women. The FabFems directory is accessible to young women, girl-serving STEM programs, and other organizations that are working to increase career awareness and interest in STEM.


Science News for Students: Science News for Students, formerly Science News for Kids, publishes award-winning journalism on research across the breadth of science, health, and technology fields. It aims to bring these new developments to a younger audience. Published daily, Science News for Students posts both shorter news stories and longer features, all written with a vocabulary and sentence structure aimed at readers 9 to 14 years old. Resources for educators include: explainers, scientists say, experiments, cool jobs, invention, and innovation, analyze this, technically fiction, and student competitions.


STEAMatwork4kids: is a new website targeted at kids, ages 8 - 12. The site's goal is for kids to "explore the rich diversity of topics and people in STEAM careers." Each page highlights a person and their work, suggests kids' books to read on the topic, and kid-friendly websites you can visit to learn more.


STARBASE: Indiana has free STEM Academies sponsored by the Department of Defense in the State of Indiana. During the regular school year, we provide hands-on, minds-on STEM experiences for fifth grade students. Our four academies combined have served at a minimum 5,000 students this school year. These numbers include 5th grade students for our 1.0 program and students for our 2.0 program (middle schoolers, after school) and summer camps, again all free!


Crayola: Visit the Crayola website, and find thousands of lesson plans that support and extend instruction in every content area, grades K-12. Each lesson plan is educator-developed and includes classroom-ready directions, a list of supplies, standards alignments, and images to help guide your lesson planning. This collection grows continually and always inspires new teaching and learning excitement.


EcO15: EcO15 is committed to creating a regional system of life-long learning by connecting the residents of ten counties within rural Southeast Indiana to better economic opportunities through education by the year 2015 and beyond.


Ethos Science Center: Envision schools where Science and Technology are taught hands-on!  Using materials that facilitate Science learning, while reinforcing Mathematics and English/Language Arts goals, students will learn hands-on from knowledgeable teachers on a regular and consistent basis. Visit the Ethos Science Center website to learn more.


Indiana Association for Career and Technical Education: Indiana ACTE is committed to doing all it can to promote and strengthen career education for today's youth. Whether they are college-bound, struggling to find meaning in school, or somewhere in between, CTE students will go on to become the leaders in the workforce and careers of tomorrow.


Interactive Periodic Table of STEM Occupations: Get details on STEM careers with this interactive periodic table highlighting STEM occupations instead of elements! Created as an accessible and engaging way for middle and high school students (and others) to learn about STEM occupations, the table features information (e.g., job duties, work environment, education, pay, job outlook, state and area data, similar occupations, and links) and short videos highlighting 24 STEM occupations, including chemist, computer information analyst, mechanical engineer, microbiologist, soil and plant scientist, geological petroleum technician, astronomer, physicist, and statistician.


Purdue Science K-12 Outreach: Purdue Science K-12 Outreach  this program was initiated in 1989 to increase interest and achievement in science and mathematics at the pre-college level. We provide K-12 science and mathematics professional development programs for teachers, form long-term partnerships with school districts, and engage students in standards-based activities. Purdue Science K-12 Outreach coordinators act as resources and facilitators, establishing cooperative relationships with elementary and secondary schools to bring about changes in the quality of education. Our programs link the expertise of Purdue Science faculty with students, teachers, parents, schools, and school systems through collaborative interactions.


TechPoint Foundation for Youth: TechPoint Foundation for Youth is a nonprofit venture philanthropic organization with the mission to inspire the next generation of STEM leaders among Indiana's underserved youth populations.


The National Security Agency (NSA): The NSA works with schools serving kindergarten through 12th grade in a number of ways to promote STEM, as well as foreign language education. The Agency can provide professionals to serve as tutors, speakers (interactive talks on STEM-related topics), judges, assistance with robotics and language clubs, and more to inspire students to pursue advanced studies and promote career opportunities in STEM and foreign languages.


Women in STEM Report: Share this report in middle school, high school, and undergraduate college classrooms to expand horizons and introduce students to the diversity and potential of STEM careers supported by the United State Geographical Survey (USGS). The report—A Snapshot of Women of the USGS in STEM and Related Careers—presents profiles of more than 70 women, past and present, engaged in STEM roles at the agency, including biologist, biological science technician, cartographer, chemist, ecologist, geographer, geologist, hydrologist, hydrologist technician, and physical scientist. The report also offers information about internships and other opportunities for high school and college students interested in pursuing careers at the agency, as well as links to information about the criteria needed for various USGS-related STEM careers.


STEM Connection

The STEM Connection provides professional development to empower educators by sharing STEM content knowledge, developing STEM practices, and building confidence to provide more meaningful STEM experiences for youth. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics have an ever-increasing role in the world, and STEM experiences provide an opportunity to engage students early in their academic journeys in order to increase interest in and build positive attitudes toward STEM disciplines.


Defined Learning

Defined Learning offers a free guide to Early STEM Career Exposure.

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