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Welcome to the Indiana Teacher of the Year Program!

2021 Teacher of the Year Printable Certificates

2021 Application Materials

About the INTOY Program

Each year, the Indiana Department of Education conducts this special program to recognize outstanding classroom teachers from across the state. One person, in accordance with National Teacher of the Year guidelines, is chosen to represent Indiana teachers at the national level.

INTOY Mission

The mission of the Indiana Teacher of the Year Program is to inspire, rejuvenate, and celebrate the teaching profession.

Indiana Teachers of the Year

The Indiana Teachers of the Year (INTOYs) are the voice of education throughout Indiana and the Nation. The INTOY award is a lifetime role in education, which has many opportunities to celebrate teaching and uplift the teaching profession. INTOYs are comprised of a network of exceptional teachers whom are now retired educators, administrators, college professors, and teacher leaders that continually provide support to the education community.

Indiana Teacher of the Year Screening & Selection Committees

The Indiana Teacher of the Year Screening & Selection Committees review all eligible applications. The Screening & Selection Committees will be made up of former INTOY recipients, IDOE staff, educational organization leaders, business and community leaders, as well as representatives from Higher Education.

INTOY Celebrations!

2020 Indiana Teacher of the Year: Congratulations to Katheryn Pourcho of Danville Community School Corporation for becoming Indiana’s 2020 Teacher of the Year!



Meet some of Indiana's recent Teachers of the Year

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