Posted: Wed, 08/29/2018 - 10:07am Updated: Wed, 07/03/2019 - 8:39am

Approved College and Career Planning Systems

  • Description: Naviance is a comprehensive college, career and life readiness (CCLR) platform that helps middle and high school students discover their strengths, explore college and career interests, create actionable goals and find their best-fit path after high school. School personnel have access to robust reporting and analytic insights that help measure student outcomes. They will have visibility to student activities and can easily facilitate the college application process through electronic document submission. Naviance is designed around our CCLR framework, a research-backed model outlining six competencies (Social Emotional Learning, Interpersonal Skills, Academic Skills, Career Knowledge, College Knowledge, and Transition Skills) that students in grades 6-12 must achieve to become college, career and life ready. Each competency will outline themes and objectives to further define success, as well as grade-specific activities to achieve each of the objectives.
  • Naviance College, Career, & Life Readiness Framework
  • Naviance Platform Overview
  • Naviance Professional Services
  • Naviance Case Study – MSD Wayne Township

Description: Make every student future ready! Xello is an engaging, online program that helps K-12 students transform their aspirations into personalized, actionable plans for college, career and future success. It helps every student, regardless of background or ability to identify their goals, create actionable plans, and build the skills and knowledge to succeed. Based on extensive user and academic research, Xello follows a four-step model that helps students: build self-knowledge, explore options, create a plan, and learn and reassess. The program’s modern design looks and feels like the apps today’s tech-savvy students love to use, while turn-key reports and dashboards deliver critical data at the district, school and student level. The outcomes?

  • Increased engagement and achievement
  • More efficient educators
  • Future-ready students

Xello also aligns with IDOE’s Act 297 and the national ASCA Mindsets & Behaviors Standards for Student Success. The program provides digital, grade-appropriate, curriculum and activities to teach critical employability skills and develop social-emotional competencies. It can be used as a ready-made tool to help you meet your district readiness goals.

Explore Xello using the below links & resources, or email Jessica Chow at to learn more. 

Additional Resources

  • Description: Complete set of employment tools for job seekers in Indiana. Search jobs, create resumes, find education and training providers, and more!
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