As part of the Project AWARE (Advancing Wellness and Resilience in Education) grant initiative, Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) collaborated with Indiana University School of Social work (IUSSW) to identify the range of practices, programs, and implementation strategies each Indiana public school district employs to promote student wellness. Student wellness is the term used to represent social, emotional, and behavioral wellness. The data is displayed below for each school district that has completed the survey thus far. The intended outcome of this data visualization and search option is to support a community of practice and enable schools to more effectively share best practices around student wellness. IDOE’s partnership with IUSSW will continue in order to follow-up with non- and low-responders and build upon initial report/data repository of student wellness practices and supports.

The full report, summary, and analysis can be accessed here.

A two-page summary offering an emerging snapshot of Indiana public school districts’ approaches to supporting student wellness can be found here.

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